London and Scandinavian food

Went down to London yesterday for a meeting and I used the opportunity to visit the scandinavian deli and grocery store there. Turned out to be pretty nice, with a decent selection of food. I stocked up on Swedish liquorice, Norwegian lompe, Danish red hotdog sausages and a Norwegian brown cheese.

In other words I am well set for another week of scaring Abigail with Scandinavian food :)


#1 Frej on 02.02.10 at 11:45

Eeek, those red sausages scare danes aswell ;)
In the scaring categori though, i can recommend ‘Super Piratos’ (liqurice) and Gammel Dansk (alcohol)

#2 tm on 02.02.10 at 12:01

If anything, you can scare people with everything that is considered British food, really.

#3 tm on 02.02.10 at 12:02

well, except for tea and cookies.

#4 Travis Reitter on 02.09.10 at 01:00

I ordered some gjetost/brunost (Ski Queen) from Amazon. It was sent out by one of their small business partners (a food specialist)… in a regular, unrefrigerated box. It turned out fine, though – thanks for mentioning it! It sure tastes good :)