Respect to the web developers

I been working on a web page for my wedding in November. This has turned out to be quite a lot more painful
than I expected and I have to admit my respect for web developers have increased a lot due to it. Getting a webpage to look nice across all browsers seems to be a really painful job.

Currently the only browser in which my page works perfectly is Firefox, Opera also does a mostly fine job, while Chrome fails on handling a dynamic SVG image I embedded in the page, and IE8, well lets not talk about what horrendous results it gives :)

3 thoughts on “Respect to the web developers

  1. @Bryan: Well its my wedding page, so its not like I am caring that much about which browsers work to start looking into 3rd party tools to help sort it out, I just tell people which browsers work on the page :). And this approach even lets me file bugs against the various browsers with a test case to point to :)

  2. If you’re at all interested in toying around with cross-browser vector graphics, I’d second the opinion to look into Dojo GFX. It’s pretty neat.

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