Growing the GStreamer family with QtGStreamer

For those who might have missed it we recently starting an effort together with Nokia to create a full set of Qt friendly C++ bindings for GStreamer. This effort is spearheaded by Mauricio Piacentini, building on the original code by and working with George Kiagiadakis, who has also started a blog about the Qt GStreamer bindings. In addition for its use in MeeGo we also hope that this effort will make the KDE community first class citizens of the GStreamer community and thus help push multimedia on the free desktop forward. So be sure to bookmark Mauricios blog so that you can follow his progress, he plans on blogging regularly about the effort. As part of this effort the code will also be hosted along with the rest of the GStreamer modules on

1 thought on “Growing the GStreamer family with QtGStreamer

  1. You couldnt have found an uglier namespace than “QtGS[t]”, hard to type – what’s wrong with just QStreamer, for simplicity’s sake?

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