Bye bye Sourceforge

GStreamer was originally hosted on Sourceforge when the project started up 10 years ago. As time went by we migrated most of our stuff over to, except our bugzilla which ended up on

The one thing that stayed on Sourceforge was our mailing lists, until today that is. Thanks to the hard work of Tim-Philipp Müller all our lists are now migrated to There are a few advantages we see with this move, one being getting nicer archives, another being not needing to maintain an administrator list on SF anymore and finally I guess it makes the mailing lists feel a bit more authentic that they are on, just like the website.

All this of course means that in the coming Months the 10 year old SF project will get gradually shut down, and maybe we end up deleting it completely. So a thanks to SF for the last 10 years of hosting :) Feels strangely nostalgic for some reason :)

And if anyone wonders if we will move bugzilla too, I don’t think that is in the cards anytime soon. Many of the most popular GStreamer applications, like Totem, Banshee, PiTiVi and so on use the GNOME bugzilla and the option to easily re-assign GStreamer bugs to GStreamer is atm more valuable than what we perceive the value of having everything on freedesktop.

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  1. Actually, the fdo sysadmins, in this case Daniel Stone, did most of the work. Thanks guys!

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