Luis talk on Rygel

For those who don’t know yet Rygel is an open source implementation of DLNA, a standard for ensuring interoperability between the different media devices on your home LAN. Rygel was started some years ago by my friend Zeeshan Ali and is being used in Meego and GNOME among others. We have been working on Rygel for some time now and thus Collaboras own Luis de Bethencourt did a talk at the recent Meego Summit in San Fransisco. It is an interesting talk about the current state of Rygel and how a lot of the Rygel features are implemented using GStreamer. So if you are interested in the future of interoperable devices check out Luis talk at the Meego website. Seek about 3.5 minute into the talk as they haven’t edited the videos it seems so you get a lot of uninteresting preparation before the talk starts.

5 thoughts on “Luis talk on Rygel

  1. Hi thanks for sharing that with us, do you know if the video is available in another format?

  2. Dude! That was a very great talk and even better than any of mine TBH.

    Oh and now that I know that your English is so good, I’ll be very strict on commit log messages. :P

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