Further hacking on Transmageddon

Heading off to Munich in an hour, but I been spending the morning trying to get git master transmageddon into shape. I think I am getting there as things works a lot better for me now. I even added a small feature, namely output to the notification area as seen in the screenshot below. Still very basic, but I hope to improve on it over the next few weeks. Also wondering if putting the Transmageddon nuclear mushroom in the notification area is a good way to keep users calm, or if they see the icon and start wondering if their system is suffering from a meltdown :)

Screenshot of Transmageddon with GNOME Shell notification

Screenshot of Transmageddon with GNOME Shell notification

2 thoughts on “Further hacking on Transmageddon

  1. Sorry dumb question, what do you to take your pipeline and generate the png that shotwell is displaying.

    Thank you

    • Its not a dumb question, it is part of standard functionality of GStreamer to be able to dump a running pipeline to a dot file which you then can generate this png file from.

      The basic step to activate it is setting the GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR environment variable, I usually set it to ” =/tmp” This is the directory the dot file while be created in.

      Then you need to call the debug_bin_to_dot_file from your application to dump the dot file at any given time. I have built this into Transmageddon (under help/debug), but I know a lot of other people set it up so a dot file is generated when an exception occur in the application.

      If you want to see how I call and use the stuff from Python take a look at:

      The png file generation is in the last fuction in the transmageddon.py file

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