No GStreamer in this years Google Summer of Code

Some sad news, GStreamer did not get accepted to the 2013 Google Summer of Code. We don’t know the exact reasons, but all we can do at this point is redouble our efforts to get accepted again next year.

In the meantime not all hope is lost. You can still do a Google Summer of Code involving GStreamer with some of the other organisations that did get approved. For instance if you have an idea for a great multimedia desktop application using GStreamer you can try submitting that to for instance GNOME or KDE depending on your UI toolkit of choice as one example. In the past GNOME has also been open to hosting some pure GStreamer projects so you can always try submitting such too. In general I recommend people to take a look at the list of accepted organisations and see if there are projects which technologies would be relevant to the GSoC project you want to do and the apply with them. Also remember you can submit the same project to multiple organisations if it fits multiple projects.

Also the PiTiVi video editor did get approved so I strongly encourage you to take a look at their wonderful ideas page and submit a proposal to do a PiTiVi project.

5 thoughts on “No GStreamer in this years Google Summer of Code

  1. Do you know if google usually sends the reasoning to the proyects not accepted?

    • No, they have in the past given general feedback of why projects in general do not get accepted, but I don’t think they ever given a specific project direct feedback on their rejected proposal.

      • Last year there was an IRC meeting one week after the org announcement where Google would tell rejected organizations why they were not selected.

  2. But isn’t gstreamer available under gnome? it’s right there on the melange something Mentor Google Page. Of course they wouldn’t accept duplicated submissions.

    • Well GNOME lists GStreamer as a keyword, probably because they have some multimedia applications ideas, but any org could have done that. In previous years we have mostly done more core projects as part of the GStreamer SoC, like work on muxers for instance.

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