Transmageddon 1.0 released!

It has been a long time in the making, but I have finally cut a new release of the Transmageddon transcoder application. The code inside Transmageddon has seen some major overhaul as I have updated it to take advantage of new GStreamer APIs and features. New features in this release include:

  • Support files with multiple audio streams, allowing you to transcode them to different codecs or drop them from the new file
  • DVD ripping support. So know you can use your movie DVDs as input in Transmageddon, be aware though that you need to install things like lsdvd and the GStreamer dvdread plugin from gst-plugins-ugly for it to become available. And you probably also want libdvdcss installed to be able to transcode most movie DVDs.
  • Another small feature of the release is that you can now set language information on files with one audio stream inside. I hope to extend this to also work with files that have multiple audio streams. If you rip a DVD with multiple audio streams Transmageddon will preserve the existing audio information, so in that case you shouldn’t need to set the language metadata manually.
  • Enabled VP9 support in the code.

There are some other smaller niceties too, like the use of blue default action buttons to match the GNOME 3 style better and I also switched to new icon designed by Jakub Steiner. There is also an appdata file now, which should make Transmageddon available in a nice way inside the new Fedora Software Installer’

Also there is now an Advanced section on the Transmageddon website explaining how you can create custom presets that allow you to do things like resize the video or change the bitrate of the audio.

And last, but not least here is a screenshot of the new version.

You can download the new version from the Transmageddon website, I will update the version in Fedora soon.

8 thoughts on “Transmageddon 1.0 released!

  1. Congrats on the release. The new UI looks nice. Some spacings are weird though, like the one between the Cancel and the Transcode buttons, or the vertical one between the Presets and the Output format combos.

    • Yeah, the glade file is in need of some serious scrubbing and cleanups. I will get to it at some point, in the meantime patches are welcome :)

  2. Great, DVD ripping support has been eagerly awaited. Thank you very much!

  3. Hi, I am attempting to convert my wedding video footage that was transcoded in Apple icod (Apple intermediate codec) to mp4. I’m on KUbuntu 13.10 and installed TRANSMAGEDDON thru the synaptic package manager. When I click transcode I get a pop up that reads: requires an additional plugin to decode this file
    The following plugin is required:
    video/x-apple-intermediate-codec decoder
    Do you want to search for this now?
    I let it search for the plugin but it says No plugins can be found.
    Any suggestions?

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