Database specific connection parameters in Gnome-DB control center

I spent my last free moments to finish improving the user experience with the Gnome-DB control center, and finally it’s not up to the user to remember which parameter each database requires to open a connection. The control center now offers a much better GUI for that.

The following screenshots show before and after situations when defining a new data source and specifying connection parameters (for a MySQL connection):

and when reading and modifying a data source (for a PostgreSQL connection):

One thought on “Database specific connection parameters in Gnome-DB control center”

  1. Nice work. While you’re at it, could you add some sort of indication of what information is optional and what is not? I’ve had a lot of DB newbies confused because they saw things like “Port:” and thought they had to fill it in. Even I am not sure what you’re expecting in “Search Path:” for PostgreSQL (a namespace?)

    Also for PostgreSQL, it would be really nice to have a popup, “Connection Method,” with choices “Local machine (UNIX Socket)” and “Network (IP),” so that users realize that putting “” in the server box uses an entirely different different connection approach than “localhost.”

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