Libgda and libgnomedb 3.99.5

Libgda is reaching the point where its API will be declared stable, I expect the next version to be tagged “API stable” in a week or two (depending on the API feedback I get).

I encourage people using Libgda to migrate to this version as it has many bug corrections (and many improved features compared to the V3).

Also for the first time, I managed to create some Win32 ZIP archives (MSI files can be done on request but take more work to do because they can’t be done from Linux). These archives are with all the other Win32 Gnome’s archives at

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  1. There is someone that is cross compiling and generating msi installers all from Linux. I now can’t find the blog post where the person detailed it. I’ve found the following though which should at least give you some starting points of either how to go about it or some contacts who should be able to tell you who the person is.

    Cody Russell
    gtk win32 page (esp the packaging section)

    Should be a start in the right direction.

  2. Thanks for the links, I’ll have a look at the MSIS generator (the nsiswrapper from the Fedora people will make the job easier). The other one, Inno setup does not seem to be able to work from a script under Linux, so it’s not an option.

    At first MSI files seemed good because they allow for automatic instalation and I believe this is easier for Windows sysadmins, but in fact creating them requires using Windows and in fact I still haven’t found a way to properly package a runtime environment (in an MSM file).

    I’ll try to package the SQL console tool as a separate installer.

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