Efficient SQL console, follow-up

Following my post on the new embedded web server feature of Libgda’s SQL console, I have spent some time on improving the user experience (the web server is optionnaly enabled and serves pages containing information about the current opened connections).

Here are the improvements so far:

  • the UI is more polished thanks to the usage of AJAX (through the very nice JQuery javascript library) and to some CSS work
  • a simplified authentication mechanism has been implemented where one can specifiy (when starting the embedded web server) a “token string” which is requested when a browser first connects to the server
  • a “terminal emulator” page has been added, which behaves almost like a normal terminal emulator and where commands can be entered. Through it, one can execute SQL commands and internal commands (commands specific to Libgda’s console for various tasks such as opening and closing connections).

The following screenshot shows a sample session in the terminal emulator; the “.c SalesTest” command requires that the “SalesTest” connection be used, the “.d” command lists all the tables and views of the connection.

This second screenshot is similar to the one above except that the result of the “.d” command has been folded (by double clicking on it) so it just shows the number of rows:

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