Gossip-telepathy status

Hi all,

First of all I present myself. My name is Xavier Claessens, I’m using linux for 4 years now and I’m hacking on GNOME in my spare time for a year. Currently I work on Gossip, an GNOME IM, and more particularly on the TELEPATHY branch.

Those days more and more people try gossip-telepathy, Raphaël Slinckx announced his work on VoIP integration into gossip, but what the status of all that promising stuff ?

  • Eitan Isaacson did the primary work and created a new GossipProtocol to implement telepathy spec. This includes presence, contact-list and private chat.
  • Raphaël Slinckx added server-side contact groups, avatar and chatrooms support. All that features work pretty well using TELEPATHY branch of gossip and the jabber protocol (telepathy-gabble), others Connection Managers don’t support it yet.
  • Raphaël Slinckx is currently working on VoIP support. Once again it works only with jabber because other CM don’t implement that yet. This work isn’t yet merged into gossip’s CVS branch but will hopefully be integrated once Raphaël feels it’s working well enough.
  • I worked mainly on code-cleanup, stabilisation and better integration into gossip.
  • Gossip-telepathy works with Jabber, MSN, IRC and salut (zeroconf link-local), I didn’t tested others CM but theoretically it should work with all of them with no modification.

What’s missing:

  • Contact information specification: Atm telepathy doesn’t have a spec to get/set vcards.
  • File transfer specification.
  • Notification when a contact is composing a message, it’s not yet into tp’s spec.
  • Many chatroom features like role/affiliation of members, set/get topic, etc.
  • The accounts dialog (to add/remove accounts in gossip) need more love to work better with telepathy backend.
  • Lots of bugfix ! We really need more feedback and bug reports, more help to fix is of course welcomed.

And here is a screenshot, I’m connected to jabber and msn using my @gmail.com account, and I’m speaking on #telepathy@irc.freenode.net.