Empathy fun

Senko hacked a little epiphany plugin using python binding for libempathy. It shows how empathy can be used for IM intergration into GNOME desktop.

Here is his blog post with screenshots !

I’ll merge python binding patch into empathy HEAD as soon as possible, at the moment it’s available in bugzilla.

For any question you can talk to me at Guadec until sunday morning 🙂

3 thoughts on “Empathy fun”

  1. Salut Xavier,
    juste pour te préciser qu’actually est un faux ami. C’est la deuxième fois que je te vois l’utiliser pour dire “actuellement”, alors qu’il signifie “En fait”.

    Sinon encore merci pour ton travail 😉

  2. YOU ROCK!
    I just upgraded to ubuntu gutsy and used empathy for the first time. It is totally awsome. Keep up the good work – I’d appreciate VoIP and file sharing capabilities.

    If you need a German translation for empathy let me know.

  3. Translations should be handled by the GNOME german community I guess, if translations are not 100% please see with the german team for updates.

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