ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.21.1

GNOME 2.21.1 Tarballs Due is tomorrow. I released Empathy 0.21.1, and will follow GNOME’s schedule from now on. Empathy is not yet accepted in GNOME desktop but it’s proposed for inclusion.

I’m also working on MissionControl‘s DBus API standardisation. I opened a darcs branch of telepathy-spec, with and html version. We are reviewing and improving it with nokia’s devs, see discussion on telepathy’s ML.

As always, bug reports and patches are welcome, Empathy has 84 open bugs waiting for your help :D

ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.14

The announce is here. VoIP branch get merged in HEAD and now is part of the 0.14 release! However it’s not really stable yet and is disabled by default. You can enable it at build-time with the –enable-voip=yes configure option. VoIP stuff are hidden if not build with voip enabled, that’s an important bug fixed from previous release.

This release also fixes all but one crasher bugs. Here is the last reported crash, I don’t understand the backtrace, if someone can tell me what’s happening I’ll give him a beer.