ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.14

The announce is here. VoIP branch get merged in HEAD and now is part of the 0.14 release! However it’s not really stable yet and is disabled by default. You can enable it at build-time with the –enable-voip=yes configure option. VoIP stuff are hidden if not build with voip enabled, that’s an important bug fixed from previous release.

This release also fixes all but one crasher bugs. Here is the last reported crash, I don’t understand the backtrace, if someone can tell me what’s happening I’ll give him a beer.

2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.14”

  1. Great!
    Keep the good work Xavier!
    I am following the empathy development, and i am sure it will become a great revolution when integrated in the gnome desktop!

    Thank you for your work!

  2. I have installed 0.14 version only my web cam don’t work the lite of my web came is flickering but not going full lite so the application is trying to use my web came. The program cheese all so use gstreamer and it use my web cam correctly. I have new dell laptop inspiron 1520 with a integrated web cam.

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