ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.21.91

Yet another empathy release! As empathy is not yet part of GNOME desktop I’m not following freezes, so this version has news features ;D

The VoIP support in empathy is now far better, but you’ll need not-yet-released versions of farsight and stream-engine which fixes lots of issues, we should get new releases of those modules rsn.

Empathy has now decent UI for configure Jabber/GTalk/Yahoo/ICQ/IRC/MSN protocols, I refactorised the code to generate those specialised UI and it’s now just a matter of a glade file with 15lines of C… So if you’re using another protocol (thanks to telepathy-haze empathy supprots all piding protocols)¬† and want to give a try using empathy, I would be happy to get patches!

For those of you wanting to contribute using git, please read the “commit message” topic on my git howto.

8 thoughts on “ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.21.91”

  1. I think that presenting GTalk as another protocol creates more confusion than necessary…

  2. Thanks Xavier, can’t wait to try the new voip with gtalk. I’ll be waiting for the new releases of farsight and stream engine though. Could you please give out the version number of these two packages that is needed for that? Thanks again for your great work.

  3. @Spike: I made the difference because in old versions it was a bit different to configure a normal jabber account and a gtalk one. I had to preset server to, etc. Now that’s not needed anymore but empathy keeps both “protocols” in the UI for compatibility and because some users could not know that gtalk==jabber.

    @Nic: farsight and stream-engine are not yet released, I don’t know which version it will be. Look at telepathy’s ML for announces.

  4. What’s the status on file transfers, especially MSN file transfers? Need it for work sadly, even though I know that sounds completely crazy. It’s actually the only thing semi-hard to accomplish well with a free desktop in the middle of Windows-land, at least in my setting.

    Amsn is the only program supporting real transfers and it’s a clunky piece of shit, UI-wise, that should be beaten repeatedly with a HIG, any HIG, even Microsofts. :) It also hogs a lot of resources.

    Pidgin doesn’t provide real transfers, and seeing the debate that has gone on for many years in that department, I’ve long since stopped holding my breath – besides, Empathy is the project that *seems* best for the future way forwardm, especially in a GNOME environment.

  5. File transfer works in the fileTransfer branch from this empathy repository:;a=summary

    However, the telepathy spec isn’t approved yet and is implemented only in salut (xmpp link local). For MSN, butterfly doesn’t support file transfer but has almost everything ready for that so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

    So we’ll have file transfer “soon” but I don’t know when…

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