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Question about GIT and SVN

Empathy is hosted on but I prefer using GIT for the development. In fact only translators are still using SVN, all regular empathy contributors have git branches that I can easily merge. I initially created the git repository using git-svn, then I cloned my repository on a public server so everybody can get a git clone of empathy. Other developers cloned that public repository that I keep in sync with SVN trunk.

I branched to keep 0.22.x stable and continue dev on 0.23.x. I created the gnome-2-22 branch on SVN but I don’t know how to use it with git. I would like to have that branch in my git repository and being able to cherry-pick patches from master to the gnome-2-22 branch. How can I do that? How does other GNOME maintainers that uses GIT?

You can see here how I work with git for empathy.

Audio and Video in Empathy

I released Empathy 0.22.1 yesterday and I enabled VoIP support by default! It works pretty well with latest stream-engine (0.5.0). Audio should work with SIP. Audio/Video should work with jabber and compatible with google talk.

Google Summer of Code

We currently have 3 students for the Google Summer of Code 2008. They proposed 3 really interesting tasks:
1) Create a dedicated program for named chatrooms (IRC and Jabber) looking like xchat-gnome.
2) Improve webcam support. Porting empathy to the future libstream-engine using farsight2. Integrate with cheese for effects and things like taking a photo and use it as avatar. Etc…
3) Improve chat themes by plugins. Add optional use of webkit to display adium themes.

Edit: GSoC projects are not yet accepted, those are only proposed tasks for now.

6 thoughts on “Various Empathy news”

  1. 1 and 2 sound really great :)

    3 would be great if GNOME switches to WebKit!

  2. Hi,

    You didn’t make a formal request on the gossip’s mailing list for the licence changing. Even if Martyn Russel said it won’t happen, I think that if you request it formally and politely, in the way you would have done with a team you don’t know at all, the issue will rapidly be solved. See what Mikael Hallendal has said on d-d-l.

  3. Any hope for Ubuntu packages to test it? Or depencies are too heavy? :)

  4. What do I have to provide to aid in debugging? I am using the packages provided in the above mentioned repository. I am using my onboard sound (Intel HDA) and a USB microphone. Gstreamer outputs sound through the PulseAudio server.

    Empathy successfully makes calls over gtalk, but only I can hear what is going on. The person on the other end (using the regular desktop gtalk client under windows), can’t hear me.

    Since the application doesn’t crash, I don’t know what details to send to anyone to aid in debugging.

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