Accepted Google Summer of Code projects for Empathy

I’m very happy to see that the 3 proposed GSoC projects for Empathy are now accepted. I’m the mentor of 2 of them.

Thanks to those 4 students and good luck!

Thanks also to Frederic Peters who triaged almost all empathy bugs and proposed lots of patch already committed in Empathy 0.23.1, help is really appreciated :D

5 thoughts on “Accepted Google Summer of Code projects for Empathy”

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing the stand alone IRC application based on Empathy/Telepathy, I’m glad it got accepted. Currently XChat-GNOME development seems dead, and they made a huge mistake IMHO (which the devs refused to fix) when they decided to hide the user list under a button. Using tabs for channels would probably be a better approach as well. So hopefully XChat-GNOME will be used for inspiration, but without copying it’s mistakes. I know Empathy was proposed for inclusion in GNOME 2.22 and now 2.24, I hope this stand alone IRC application will also be proposed for inclusion in GNOME?

  2. I wonder if would be possible to have Gadu-Gadu support including image transfer, file transfer, blocking users and audio-video calls.

  3. @Alexander: It will be part of empathy’s tarball. I personally like the idea of hiding the contact list and having chatrooms in a treeview instead of tabs.

    @livio: All protocols supported by libpurple (pidgin) are supported by empathy. Protocols not tested yet are not listed but you can add them by writing a .profile file. transfers, blocking user and a/v are not supported however.

  4. Xavier, I’ve got no idea why you like it, but a lot of people certainly don’t and have complained about it in bugreports for XChat-GNOME as you can read here: Many reasons for why such behavior of an IRC application is downright silly have been written there, so there is no need for me to clarify that. Channels in a treeview isn’t really a problem for me.

    Please, at least consider implementing an option for having the contact list permanently visible.

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