Adding more protocols to Empathy

Seems lots of users are complaining about the lack of supported protocols in Empathy. In fact all protocols implemented in libpurple are easy to enable with empathy thanks to telepathy-haze. All you need is a .profile file describing some features, the icons to use, etc.

So I’m adding those profiles by default now but I need some info about protocols I never used myself: gadugadu, myspace, qq, sametime, simple, snpp, zephyr.

1) I need to know yes or no those features are supported:

  • chat-p2p – Private chat.
  • chat-room – Chat with multiple users, the XMPP/IRC way, not MSN-like which is private chat where we can invite more members.
  • chat-room-list – List public rooms on a server, like XMPP/IRC do.
  • voice-p2p – Private audio call
  • contact-search –
  • split-account – account are in the form of, in that case the “” can be omitted and replace by a default value. For example gtalk profile have that feature so you can type “myaccount” and it will be translated magically to “”
  • registration-ui -The possibility to register a new account on the server, like XMPP.
  • supports-avatars – Does contacts have avatars, can I set my own avatar.
  • supports-alias – Does contacts have alias, can I set my own alias.
  • supports-roster – Is there a list of contacts for that protocol?
  • video-p2p – Private video call

2) For protocols having split-account feature I need to know the default domain to use. For example the gtalk profile says to use “” if the user didn’t type his full ID.

3) For each of those presence I need to know yes or no they are supported by the protocol:

  • offline – obvious
  • available – when you are online, ready to chat
  • away – when you are af, automacitally when you don’t touch your computer for a while
  • extended-away – whn you are afk for a long tim, automatically set when you are away for a while
  • hidden – You are online but don’t want others to know that
  • do-not-disturb – You are working on other things and don’t want to chat

4) What is the name I should display for qq and xnpp?

If you are able to answer those questions please let a comment or send me and email.