12 thoughts on “News about Empathy”

  1. Any chance to get the sound patch included and the roster UI patch reviewed in time for the 2.24 timeframe? UI freeze will come in a week so we still have some time to rework the patch until both you and the users are pleased 🙂

    Empathy looks great so I am looking forward to all the improvements. Already using it as my default client (instead of Gajim!).

  2. I’ll see if it’s possible to get the sound branch in time, but the contact list stuff is clearly not critical to include, I’m not even sure it will be included at some point…

  3. I love the idea of Empathy, this is certainly good news! It’s oh so very limited in functionality compared to other software, but this probably means those things will be fixed faster, so I’m all for!

    Personally, I stupidly need the MSN file transfers for work. It’s completely retarded as we have SVN, FTP, and oh, mail, but you can only be “that guy” for so long when you work with a lot of people who have a built-in reflex to send stuff by dragging it into MSN. At least I’m allowed to use Linux as my main desktop and with no ill effect, so I’m mostly very happy. 🙂 I would sure love to ditch aMSN though, for Empathy (or in worst case, Pidgin, that doesn’t have this feature either). Some day the world will be XMPP. Some day…

    Oh, and I love status messages as well. Maybe they are in Empathy, not sure. That’s just for fun on the other hand – but that’s important too! There is at least one fun conversation started daily due to those messages, and what is that if not about people – like GNOME?

    Keep up the great work! Empathy/Telepathy and the integration ot will offer with tubes and whatnot is something I am looking forward to a lot.

  4. It’s great to hear that Empathy will be shipped by default on major distros but seriously I just HATE the Gossip’s UI. Compare to Pidgin (which isn’t that great though), Empathy GUI still lacks pro-look touch. (no flame here)

  5. @patrys you really replaced Gajim with it? I’ve tried before but Emph. always came away lacking. A big issue for me is lack of bookmarks(xep-0048).

  6. First of all, congratulations! I’ve been rooting for for you for a while.

    More importantly, I’m wondering what the plan is on resolving the licensing issue. I’ve heard the matter thrown around for a couple of Gnome releases now, and I guess the Gnome devs decided that they really wanted to go the Empathy/Telepathy route (which I think is great), but you previously said that you may have to completely rewrite the libempathy code so that it doesn’t contain any Gossip stuff. What’s your chance of using telepathy-glib (or something like that)?

  7. Hi,

    I want to know if empathy is able to import my logs and configuration from pidgin/purple.


  8. As fas as I know, telepathy will bring msn voice/video chat. This is a lot of years late, due Pidgin skipping this development. THIS IS GREAT, WITHOUT MSN VOICE/VIDEO EUROPEAN USERS ARE NOT INTERESTED ABOUT LINUX, THIS NEW SOFTWARE WILL CHANGE GAME RULES FOR OS.

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