Empathy getting contact vCard support

Telepathy spec had for some times now the ‘ContactInfo’ interface to get a vCard from our IM contacts, and set one for ourself. This is currently only supported by telepathy-gabble (The jabber backend).

Now I added high-level API in telepathy-glib to get those vCard information from a TpContact and set our self vCard on a TpConnection. I also added UI in Empathy to view IM contact’s vCard and edit our own vCard.

mandatory screenshots:

The code for this is not yet merged, it is waiting for review. You can find git branches:

telepathy-glib and empathy

Update: This is not related to metacontacts. Current plan for that is using libfolks which is being developped by Collabora right now.

6 thoughts on “Empathy getting contact vCard support”

  1. Great work! But it would be great if one could also merge all the contacts that are associated with same person into
    “one contact” in the contact list like in the N900?

  2. This is great! It would be even nicer if Empathy could get the user information from the “About me” dialog and simply offer an option to “share my full name, birthday and website with my contacts”.

  3. Is this at all related to People or Soylent projects or the plan to implement meta contacts?

  4. @Eric: It is not related at all, it is just showing the vCard info published by XMPP. Other protocols could implement it too. People and Soylent are dead projects, the current plan for metacontacts is using libfolks which is being worked on.

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