A small preview of subwindowless Gtk+



This code is still early in progress work, but it shows a lot of promise.

Note that the effect in the videos above is somewhat exagurated by doing two ssh forwards over the network so that i could screengrab the flicker, its not as obvious in plain local use.

Gtk can haz aliens too!

19 Responses to “A small preview of subwindowless Gtk+”

  1. dré says:

    i think you link the same video twice.

  2. anon says:

    Interesting. BTW: The link to the “after” video seems to be wrong.

  3. Rob Taylor says:

    Alex, it looks like you got the link wrong for the ‘after’ video.

    (For those reading without a suitable plugin, clicking gets you the wrong video. You can see ‘after’ at http://www.gnome.org/~alexl/noflicker1.ogg)

  4. michele says:

    Yep, the after link is wrong, please fix ASAP it I’m impatient to look at it… ;-)

    BTW you rock, as always…

  5. Ico says:

    A little problem – the second link points to the first video. It also appears that you don’t move the widgets so intensively in the second video but the result is pretty good anyway.
    Keep up your excellent work, GNOME needs more people like you.

  6. alexl says:

    The after video looks different to me. Link looks ok…

  7. alexl says:

    Ah, sorry about the link issue. Seems to be a bug in the wordpress plugin…

    Of course i move the widget as intensively. Fixing the flicker in the before shot is why this is interesting.

  8. michele says:

    Rob is right, it seems (for no good reason) that the link is right but results broken with an unsuitable plugin, I’m looking at this page from FF3 on Leopard but looking at the source code everything appears to be ok.

    Sorry Alex, great work anyway, looking forward to it.

  9. Anders Bergh says:

    I’m using Linux and it just says I need a plugin to watch the videos. Can you please provide links so I can at least open them in VLC… thanks!

  10. This is going to be so awesome. Thanks for putting in the work.

  11. Nice! We’re planning on doing roughly the same thing in Mozilla. Should be nice to have.

  12. oliver says:

    There’s neither a video nor a link visible in my browser (FF3)… Could you maybe add the video file links separately to the end of the post?

  13. Roger Clark says:

    Why don’t you people ever just use YouTube? I definitely don’t have the codecs installed to play Theora or whatever this is.

  14. D10 says:


  15. Tack says:

    If you ask me, they both suck.

    Is it ssh making the “no flicker” one that bad?

  16. alexl says:


    Both are much worse than normal due to the increased lag of two ssh tunnels.

    The second one still flickers, but it has removed a whole class of problems, namely that subwindows gets moved by the X server so the position of wigets get out of sync (overlapping and stuff). In the second movie you never see this.

    I’m not sure exactly about the reasons for the remaining flicker, but hopefully that can be fixed too.

  17. Roger Clark: Because YouTube relies on Flash, which is horrendously unstable on Linux and likes taking out the entire web browser. At a guess, anyway – that’s why I’d go for Theora myself. Quite apart from Theora being a nice open format.

  18. Christian Neumair says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for your amazing work! :)