New member in the family

On wednesday 19:13 (CET) my wife gave birth to a boy of 4.1 kg. Both mother and son are well.

So, I’ll be rather busy with non-computing things in the near future. Don’t expect replies or feedback from me.

18 Responses to “New member in the family”

  1. RubenV says:


  2. Congratulations to you and your wife!

  3. aklapper says:


  4. hughsie says:


  5. Colin says:

    You’ll be rather busy in the not-so-near future too :-) (but it’s nice!)

    Congrats !

  6. Mark says:

    The next few months will be hell.
    Congratulations and lots of strength.

  7. Dominic Lachowicz says:

    Congrats, Alex!

  8. wingo says:

    May I echo also: congratulations! :-)

  9. Stormy says:


  10. Alberto Ruiz says:

    Congrats Alex! 4.1kg sounds like you got a really healthy one!

  11. A. Walton says:

    Have a good time with your new son, and congrats to the growing Larsson family!

  12. Glynn says:

    Yay, that’s great news! congratulations :)

  13. Sankar says:


  14. Vincent Untz says:

    Great news! It’s always good to see a family happily becoming bigger :-)

  15. Congrats! Is this the second one or first?

  16. alexl says:

    snorp: Second