Yo Dawg!

Yo dawg! I herd you like browsers, so i put a browser in your browser so you can browse while you browse.

15 Responses to “Yo Dawg!”

  1. Mattias Bengtsson says:

    Hehe, pure awesome! :)

  2. Frédéric Parrenin says:

    I am looking forward to an online gnome3!

  3. Chris Kühl says:

    Not impressed. You could do that with Mozilla Chrome years ago. :-P

    Seriously, really cool but I’m sure you can embed another level.

  4. Now can you get gnome-terminal in a browser? If so, you could launch a browser in a browser and it would be like Inception.

  5. @Jeff Schroeder: Except that in Inception the more dreams you recurse into, the faster the inner dreams run. I have a feeling that here the more browsers you recursively start, the slower they’ll become.

    Then again, never underestimate alexl’s magic.

  6. Can you please post a screenie of viewing from a browser in a browser,…. in a browser :)

  7. alexl says:

    Sorry, firefox is not Gtk3, and the new backend only supports firefox right now.

  8. Tiago says:

    Oh yes!

    Question: What would the steady state of an infinite recursion of a HTML page look like? Can you recover exactly the same markup after an iteration?

  9. Smith Smitherson says:

    >firefox is not GTK3, and the new backend only supports firefox
    Do you mean that only support Epiphany with Webkit works right now?

  10. alexl says:


    Not sure what you mean.

    The only applications that can be remoted with this are those that use Gtk 3.0 (with no X specific code). Firefox is not such an app, so it can’t be remoted.

    On the browser side, the only thing that is supported as a target for the gdk backend atm is firefox, but that is due to some minor details in how the browsers handle stuff. It should not be a real problem to port it to any browser that supports canvas and websockets.

  11. Jack says:

    See, I thought you were awesome when I first read about this mess. After using that meme I think I just… yeah, I’m totally going to make a GTK 3.0 application now. You’ve convinced me.

  12. You sounds like having a tongue twister, lots of browser word huh. :D
    But gnome3 is pretty good.

  13. MAre says:

    so how can i do this at my desktop?

    please put a guide here..