Giving the last kicks in libgnomeui’s butt

One of the things I’ve been doing lately at Imendio is a GIO/GVfs powered GtkFileSystem implementation, finally today it reached a really usable state (there are a few quirks left though), I’m already thinking in moving the GnomeVFS implementation away and put this one in its place :)

On the API, I must say Alex has done a really nice job, GFile has a really powerful and easy to use API, thumbs up!

If you want to play with it, clone the the module from git:// (or see it here), give it a spin and tell me how it went!

Of course there’s a screenshot for the unbelievers! we could play “spot the difference” with it:

Screenshot for unbelievers!

Update: WordPress sucks, it insisted in linking the image to some place inside my admin page…

10 Responses to “Giving the last kicks in libgnomeui’s butt”

  1. It only happens from p.g.o, not directly from your blog.

  2. Giorgio says:

    Thubnails! GtkFileSystem is THE gtk file-selector, am I right?

  3. Lapo says:

    Anyway why the two folder icon in the side pane are 22×22 istead of 16×16 as the other? :-)

  4. Martin says:

    One thing that pops into my mind is this… The GtkFileSystem interface isn’t really needed now that the VFS lives below GTK+…

    Is it public? If not, I say throw it away! :)

  5. emmanuel says:

    holy cow, there are thumbnails in the gtk file chooser!!
    is this going in upstream GTK? and all gtk apps will get thumbnails in the file chooser in the future? that would rock!

  6. xan says:

    Neat, nice micro-thumbnails :)

  7. carlosg says:

    GtkFileSystem is the filesystem abstraction interface in GTK+, GtkFileChooser uses it underneath, being around several GtkFileSystem implementations.

    It’s semi-private now, when GVfs gets down the stack, it could be made private, but as several internal objects use it (GtkPathBar, GtkFileChooserEntry and GtkFileChooserDefault), I’d say it’s worth to have around :)

    Hehe, that’s one of the quirks :P

  8. pozsy says:

    So you’ve been to Budapest. Hope you enjoyed my hometown :)

  9. carlosg says:

    Absolutely! a really pretty and charming city :)