Monthly Archives: September 2005

introducing libinotify

due to my recent work with inotify i’m becoming increasingly convinced that a common library that provides a nice userspace interface to inotify is required. up until this point, everyone who wants to use inotify has written their own interface to it based on the raw syscalls. this means a lot of duplicated code and […]

my summer at school

this past summer i was employed by the department of computing and software at mcmaster university. there were a bunch of us in one cubefarm together. william sat in the desk across from me. we introduced him to linux. (the best thing any of us did all summer)

a lowercase manifesto

this past weekend i went up to the cottage to get some time there before school started and kept me stuck in the city forever. i took my powerbook. while i was there, i started looking into writing an inotify backend for gnome-vfs (so that it doesn’t have to use gam_server anymore). along the way […]