what would push do?

Here’s a quick hack that I thought I’d share.

After accidentally pushing some extra commits that were on my local ‘master’ branch, Lars told me that he always tries to do a ‘git push –dry-run’ before pushing, followed by a ‘git log’ in order to check if the reported range is what he was actually intending to push.

After using –dry-run a couple of times and finding that I didn’t particularly care for the manual approach, I wrote a script called “git-wwpd”.

Here it is, in hopes that others will find it to be useful:

#!/usr/bin/env python2
# git-wwpd   (what would push do?)

import subprocess
import sys

dryrun = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'push', '--dry-run', '--porcelain'] + sys.argv[1:], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

for line in dryrun.stdout:
    line = line.rstrip()
    parts = line.split('\t')

    if len(parts) == 3 and '..' in parts[2]:
        print('=== Would update {ref} with range {revs}'.format(ref=parts[1], revs=parts[2]))
        subprocess.check_call(['git', 'log', '--oneline', parts[2]])


It ends up looking like this:

desrt@humber:~/code/glib$ git wwpd origin master
To ssh://git.gnome.org/git/glib
=== Would update refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master with range 7417198..7d1d073
7d1d073 Doc: gio: enable gtkdoc-check
7242b7c Doc: glib: enable gtkdoc-check
2ef8ca5 Doc: gobject: enable gtkdoc-check
8446a00 configure.ac: Add ENABLE_GTK_DOC_CHECK conditional
30af941 Doc: gio: Fix all undocumented/unused/undeclared symbols
ed34c13 Doc: gobject: Fix all undocumented/unused/undeclared symbols
c6e0feb Doc: Fix GListModel/GListStore
b14f342 Win32: Move g_win32_check_windows_version() to the correct place in header

5 thoughts on “what would push do?”

  1. Hey

    I found that it’s best not to push to trunk/master anything at all. Push to a code review system and let others review your work. Personally I always read my patches with tig(1) to look for simple mistakes / typos / etc.

    Best regards

  2. Sounds a bit over-engineered to me… I tend to use tig which shows tags/branches in the log which makes it obvious what a push will do, and I also have a llog alias with is basically log –decorate for the same thing.

    Also, never work in master, always work in feature branches :)

  3. I have this alias on my ~/.gitconfig:

    fulllog = log –graph –decorate –pretty=oneline –abbrev-commit –all

    With this a full featured tree showing with colors and what not, is the full history of your repository, so really easy to see what are you about to push

  4. Mercurial has a neat feature in the form of two commands: incoming and outgoing. I implemented them as aliases. I have this in my .gitconfig:
    incoming = !git fetch && git log –oneline ..@{u}
    outgoing = log @{u}..
    The difference with Mercurial is that git still has to download the objects with fetch while with Mercurial you get just the info you need from the server.

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