Monthly Archives: August 2006

thoughts on summer of code

there are two or three things about summer of code that are really awesome. number one is that you’re given a mentor who you can harass. this is fantastic. this person can function both as a helper in terms of “how do i do this in gtk?” and also in terms of “i have a […]

fontcrime – less is more

in two ways, really. i had a talk with clare the other day during the lunch break of dave parnas‘s talk at formal methods 2006. apparently rendering of kanji on ubuntu is really awful. each character looks different from the next. a dirty secret of pango comes out. i attended behdad’s talk about how all […]

your domain, "" is expiring

excuse my caps… Today is August 21st — the Summer of Code deadline. It’s been a pretty fun ride. I’ve been getting up close and personal with the gnome-panel code in ways that I wouldn’t previously have imagined to be possible. I’ve been working on an API for applets. In addition to this API, I’ve […]