Monthly Archives: September 2006

next hack: timeouttop

i had a ‘future work’ item in my last post. i couldn’t resist doing it so now it’s done. timeouttop is a program that when coupled with the kernel patch from my last entry will show a top-like display of which processes are being most frequently woken by timeouts. notes: it works by keeping track […]

today’s hack: pstimeouts

today i wrote a kernel patch to find out just how often processes are waking up as a result of setting timers for themselves. the intention is to provide a tool to make it extremely easy to spot poorly behaved applications. the kernel patch recognises 5 types of “timers” that might cause a process to […]

vim syntax highlighting for glib, gobject, gdk and gtk types

i’ve created a file to enable vim syntax highlighting of glib, gobject, gdk and gtk types. i handled the base gtypes (gboolean, gpointer, etc) by hand but the rest of them were generated semi-automatically using the following commands: there are probably some inaccuracies in both directions which could be fixed with better handling but it […]