Monthly Archives: January 2007

quick shell hack — gtc

this is fun. gtc. use it like this (in a makefile): CC = gtc -pkg gconf-2.0 or just gtc -o evil evil.c you get gtk for free. other pkg-config’d packages can be added with -pkg. enjoy.

hilarious n800 ad

i got my “have a cheap n800″ email today from nokia. first let me say how fantastic nokia is. they absolutely don’t need to give us discounts on these devices which many of us would likely pay full price for anyway. they absolutely don’t need to make a huge contribution to guadec. but they do. […]

a possible googleabuse

i was talking with quim today when he mentioned the idea of keeping his old phone for “people calling to my current spanish number”. this made me realise how silly phone numbers are. they’re practically like ip addresses. i got an idea for an interesting workaround to this problem. i publish a specification with some […]