Monthly Archives: February 2007

some random notes about gtk memory use

yesterday jeff asked me how much memory an applet using the new applet api used so i looked into it. i really only cared about writeable memory. i was shocked to find out that a very simple applet uses almost 1.5MB of memory. for comparison i made a few small gtk programs to test. i’m […]


so, a lot of people probably know that i’m playing around with some code that will let me test out ideas that we can merge into gnome-panel in the future. one of these ideas is the idea of using x compositing instead of the terrible hacks we have today to support transparency in the applets. […]

two questions about creative commons

question 1: when did creative commons start offering the No Derivative Works add-on to creative commons licenses? question 2: how long until we see the iPodOnly add-on? ((ipod art lifted from rstevens of diesel sweeties)) edit: i understand that for some people and some types of work, “no derivatives” makes sense. i understand that even […]