Monthly Archives: August 2007

delayed-apply, again

my thought experiment on delayed-apply dialogs yesterday got quite a strong response. the response was generally to the effect of “please, oh god, no!“. that’s sort of what i expected :) the reason i was thinking about this at all is because jon mccann had sent me an email saying that he wanted to use […]

non-instant-apply preferences dialogs

everything in this post is just talking about ideal concepts of user interaction. technical aspects are not discussed here since they’re actually very easy. very fortunately, gnome has adopted an auto-apply interaction for all of its preferences dialogs. the familiar dialog style that everyone knows and loves: (standard instant-apply preferences dialog) one of the nicest […]

ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E) §

this is a rant. i have never found a misfeature in the core c language before. i’ve found many lacking features and many quirky things about how library functions work, but when it came to the core language i was always pretty happy that everything had been done reasonably. two days ago this changed. i’ve […]

what is this Private_Dirty:?

i was poking around trying to figure out the memory use of dconf. it has been one of my goals to ensure that there is only a very small per-application footprint (ie: writable memory). i’m ok with a slightly larger shared read-only footprint since this is shared between all applications. here is what i see […]

i’m excited about the future of gnome

about half a year ago i was looking around me and seeing stagnation in the gnome community. i was concerned that gnome had lost its momentum and that we were just making boring incremental releases that added very little new functionality. i think i was very wrong. i’d like to take this time to list […]