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quick network-manager note

very many have noticed that the new network-manager appears to be quite a lot slower to connect to… just about anything, really. the reason for this (as confirmed on #gnome-hackers after being suggested by ray) is ipv6 support: when network-manager connects to a network, it has to assume that there might be an ipv6 router […]

desktop summit talks

we just sent out the letters for talk proposals for desktop summit 2011. everyone who proposed a talk should have heard from us by now. if you haven’t heard from us then please email us to let us know that something got lost along the way. we will be opening proposals for BoF sessions soon. […]

“i support the release team”

i read the news today, oh boy… somewhat annoyed to discover the the “GNOME 3″ release hackfest that i traveled to india for will not actually result in any sort of a release. it’s true that things have been pretty crazy, but it really seemed like it was going to happen this time around. i’m […]

pre-release craziness

i’m in bangalore this week, hanging out with the release team and marketing team guys for the GNOME 3.0 release hackfest. i’ve never witnessed a release process this up-close-and-personal before, and i have to say that it’s totally insane. i have no idea how we ever get a release out the door. the amount of […]

docs hackfest in Toronto

as i’m writing, the last of the docs hackers are leaving toronto. from what i can tell, they had an extremely productive week. from my perspective it was sort of fun to act as the on-the-ground guy for a change. i also managed to write a patch or two against yelp, so my attendance at […]

a step back

(standard junk: this is my personal opinion and i’m possibly ethically compromised because i’m currently on contract working for canonical, etc. etc. blah) canonical does a lot of things that i would classify as pretty boneheaded in terms of their relationship to various free software communities. they have an interesting and colourful history with quite […]

more on dconf performance, btrfs and fsync

dconf performance i’ve been working on dconf recently. one of the things i’ve been up to is writing some proper test cases. of course, testing is a good chance to check performance… the test case is written against the dconf gsettings backend. it generates 1000 random changesets and writes them into an empty dconf database […]

gsettings is fast

sometimes people will come up to me at a conference and one way or another mention that they are avoiding using gsettings because they need their app to start “really fast”. at uds for example, someone asked me “i should be using a keyfile for this, right?”. gsettings has dconf as its backend. there are […]

gtk hackfest summary

the gtk hackfest came to a conclusion a bit over a week ago. since then we’ve had a gtk team irc meeting with the release team present to discuss the results. first, i’d like to thank everyone who came to the hackfest for the awesome work done. also, thanks to the gnome foundation for paying […]


this week i’m at uds with vuntz and andreas. there was obviously a big announcement yesterday. enough people are commenting on that already, and i don’t have anything that i really want to add to that conversation. on a more positive note, i want to mention something that was agreed during one of the desktop […]