More broken batteries

Okay, information requested. Can anybody with a Toshiba:

  • Satellite A100
  • Satellite A110
  • Tecra A7
  • Satellite Pro A100
  • Satellite Pro A110
  • Equium A100
  • Satellite M70
  • Satellite Pro M70
  • Equium M70
  • Satellite M50
  • Satellite Pro M50
  • Equium M50
  • Satellite M100
  • Equium 110
  • Tecra A6

Please send me a lshal please (richard_at_hughsie_dot_com) – with [fire] in the subject. There's another recall I'm trying to add to the bad-battery-database, but I need to know the battery vendor. NOTE: Your battery won't explode in this case, but it might stop working after a little while. Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous

    It's starting to sound to me like we need a standard message like so: “You're is subject to a recall, this may mean that your system is at risk of sudden malfunctioning – please contact your vendor for verification” followed maybe by a link to the relevant page explaining the issue in detail. Because you just know there'll be more of these in the future and that they'll cover more than batteries. – David Nielsen

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