n800 Initial Minor Problems

My Nokia subsidized n800 arrived today, cheers guys. It appears much quicker in average use than the 770, and the software appears to have more features, be more stable and generally mature. Plus, it can read SD flash cards which means I can share cards between my camera, OLPC machine, and n800. If you've got big fingers like me, then you'll also find the “poke at it” input mode much improved. Plus the stereo sound is FANTASTIC from such a little device.

A few minor problems, that some of you may know the answer to;

  • What other radio stations can be listened to on the n800? AccuRadio is not my thing, and BBC Radio 1 feed did not work. Is there a list somewhere of known working feeds, or has anyone got any specific recommendations?
  • There's a lot more software packaged for the 770, but I guess that will improve with time.
  • In mediastreamer my album artwork never appears – does the filename have to be something special or the size adjusted perhaps?
  • The webcam image is the wrong way round (i.e. not inverted, so left is right and vice-versa) and there appears no UI option to change that.
  • I've used –set-rd-flags to set the device into R&D mode, but can't seem to get a root prompt – any ideas?

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  1. Anonymous

    Tip #1: you don't really need r&d mode, just install ssh and connect to localhost (you'll want to have ssh anyway right?) Tip #2: Some if not most of the apps for 770 work as-is on the N800, the basic API/ABI hasn't changed. Oh, and I tend to like the offering from http://somafm.com but I guess it depends on your music taste… – Kalle Vahlman, zuh@iki.fi

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