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Back from FOSDEM

Well, FOSDEM is over and it was fantastic to meet so many people. I would have liked to travel on the Thursday and Monday, but Uni constraints meant I had to do a fly-by visit. Many thanks for Nokia for paying for the hotel and Eurostar, as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to be […]

FOSDEM: Open Hardware Manager

Tomorrow I'm off to FOSDEM. I'm introducing a BOF on Open Hardware Manager in the embedded room on Sunday. OHM is a small open source system daemon which uses HAL and abstracts out common hardware management tasks such controlling heat dissipation and power consumption on embedded devices. If any embedded people want to find out […]

Rhodri 4GB Saga 3

Spent some more time hanging out with Rhodri, and answering some of the Ubuntu questions he had. First, his FAT32 fixed disk was not showing up in the menus, and for quickness I just added an entry in fstab, but wondered why it was not showing up in the menus. In FC6 I know you […]

WPA-PSK, it can't be that hard, right?

So, I spend another few hours with Rhodri today, helping to set up networking with Ubuntu Edgy and a new zd1211 based USB2 networking device. This all should “just work” with the new zd1211rw driver in the kernel. I spent about an hour using my laptop as a wireless->wired bridge which was no mean feat, […]

About Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox is a very cool bit of software. I stumbled on the “About” entry for Rhythmbox and got this: The corresponding gnome-power-manager about window looks like this: Now, I'm jealous of the Rhythmbox 420×110 logo background. Any artists want to contribute some ideas and designs for something similar for gnome-power-manager? It is a very easy […]

Time remaining for funky batteries

Peter Jones, you are a legend: …use a matrix of previous discharge rate intervals indexed by the charge at the time and the actual average discharge rate during that interval…. I've prototyped this, and wow, it's accurate. I've used floating point least squares regression to find the rate of discharge. This trivially takes into account […]

Calculating how much time we have left… the sequal

So I posted a blog about a software patent. I now know this was a bad thing to do for an open source developer, but naively I thought I should research the problem domain. I now know that open source developers should not look at patents, and pretend they do not exist. A few people […]

Calculating how much time we have left…

GNOME Power Manager sometimes really gets the time remaining wrong. It doesn't help that the ACPI BIOS sometimes misrepresents the data values, the units, or just gives bogus readings, but we should at least try to be accurate. So I've been playing with a historical correction-matrix approach, at the moment targeted to the li-ion discharge […]

Rhodri and Ubuntu

My friend Rhodri called me up the other day mentioning he was having a few problems “with that Linux thing…” and that he knew I might be able to help. He's not a geek in any sense of the word and I thought he was quite happy with Windows XP. I knew he was serious […]

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