WPA-PSK, it can't be that hard, right?

So, I spend another few hours with Rhodri today, helping to set up networking with Ubuntu Edgy and a new zd1211 based USB2 networking device. This all should “just work” with the new zd1211rw driver in the kernel. I spent about an hour using my laptop as a wireless->wired bridge which was no mean feat, as NetworkManager didn't do this for me, and the redhat network scripts don't do WPA. After applying the updates everything worked a little better. After about 2 hours of debugging, I came to the conclusion that either the edgy updated kernel does not have the latest zd1211rw code required for WPA, or that the Ubuntu wpa_supplicant was in some way broken. I admitted defeat, and changed the access point to be WEP with MAC filtering and promised I would find the proper solution. So lazyweb, how do you get zd1211rw to work with WPA-PSK? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know about edgy eft (I just blew away my installation yesterday), but I know that Fiesty Fawn has zd1211 firmware in its install. Maybe that needs to be updated?

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