Rhodri 4GB Saga 3

Spent some more time hanging out with Rhodri, and answering some of the Ubuntu questions he had.

First, his FAT32 fixed disk was not showing up in the menus, and for quickness I just added an entry in fstab, but wondered why it was not showing up in the menus. In FC6 I know you can just edit the HAL FDI file to enable this, but this didn't work on Edgy.

He had created several 7Gb iso images and put them on his ext3 home. He then tried to copy them to the new FAT32 partition on another disk, but every time Nautilus would crash halfway through.

Of course, FAT32 only supports up to a file size of 4Gb, but we were not told this either by nautilus or by the command line using mv.

This has been reported before, bug #365885 but has had no love yet. What about a new dialog like “You are trying to copy a large file to a partition type that cannot support this. [skip] [skip all] [cancel]” Better wording appreciated.

Bugs like this rarely affect die hard linux fans with all ext3/xfs partitions but probably is hit frequently with people new to Linux and dual booting. Anybody already have a patch for this or do I have to do it?

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