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g-p-m test suite

In SVN trunk, gnome-power-manager has grown a test suite. Executing “test/gnome-power-self-test –all” executes 100 self tests on some of the key GObjects, testing for things like numerical accuracy, segfaults on error conditions, some parts of the DBUS interface and other useful stuff like that. The output is pretty crude, something like this: …> check #19     […]

Multiple battery devices

GNOME Power Manager supports merging multiple laptop batteries into one virtual battery for the time remaining calculation and also the status area icon. Unfortunately my new statistical driven approach breaks with primary batteries being removed and inserted, as we'll need some sort of profiles for “one battery” or “one battery plus extra battery” just to […]

We suck less, although the UI could do with some work…

The new profile code in gnome-power-manager allows us to calculate the amount of time the battery has until charged, and also the amount of discharge time you would have if you disconnected the ac adapter now. Is this useful to expose to the user? If so how? What about a tooltip “Laptop battery 48 minutes […]

gnome-power-manager time remaining profile code

GNOME Power manager often sucks at predicting the amount of battery time you have left. To fix this, I've been working on a new time remaining profile class for gnome-power-manager. I'm using a self-adjusting discharge and charge profile that adjusts for the specific battery and computer that's being used, and also how it is being […]

autofoo-1.10 and evolution

I'm running Fedora Rawhide. I'm having problems building packages such as HAL (specifically make distcheck) using aclocal-1.10 and automake-1.10. If I manually use the *-1.7 packages things build like they used to, but of course 1.10 is always chosen over 1.7 to build rpm's and thus the rebuild fails like this: gtk-doc: Compiling scannermkdir .libs gcc […]

Handling GNOME Bugs

The new GNOME crash handler is great. Unfortunately I get quite a few duplicates every day of a particular bug that has recently been fixed. I'm sure I'm not the only developer with this problem of fighting with bugzilla. Perhaps the wording of the crash dialog should say: What were you doing when the application […]

Epiphany and print to PDF

Epiphany is the best browser available for Linux in my opinion, as it's nicely integrated with GNOME, quick to start and is really easy to use. One major feature is missing: Print to PDF… It gives me the option to print to PS, but I can hardly send a huge PS file to my parents. […]

SVN and ignoring files

Today I branched gnome-power-manager for 2-18. Expect a fair bit of refactoring on trunk, and the self test code to grow in complexity. SVN is different. Why is is so hard to set svn ignore properties? It seems so difficult compared to CVS. Google isn't being helpful either. How for instance do I set the […]

New Lenovo Battery Recall

Lenovo have just issued another battery recall.So I can add this data to hal-info, is there anyone with a: ThinkPad R60 and R60e SeriesThinkPad T60 and T60p SeriesThinkPad Z60m, Z61e, Z61m, and Z61p Series With battery part number 92P1131? If so, please email me. Thanks! EDIT: Many thanks to Steven Garrity for the super-quick response; […]

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