We suck less, although the UI could do with some work…

The new profile code in gnome-power-manager allows us to calculate the amount of time the battery has until charged, and also the amount of discharge time you would have if you disconnected the ac adapter now.

Is this useful to expose to the user? If so how? What about a tooltip “Laptop battery 48 minutes remaining until charged (64%), currently provides 1 hour 45 minutes discharge time“. I really suck at UI wording, so better ideas please.

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Richard has over 10 years of experience developing open source software. He is the maintainer of GNOME Software, PackageKit, GNOME Packagekit, GNOME Power Manager, GNOME Color Manager, colord, and UPower and also contributes to many other projects and opensource standards. Richard has three main areas of interest on the free desktop, color management, package management, and power management. Richard graduated a few years ago from the University of Surrey with a Masters in Electronics Engineering. He now works for Red Hat in the desktop group, and also manages a company selling open source calibration equipment. Richard's outside interests include taking photos and eating good food.

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  1. It certainly sounds useful to me. I can't think of anything more succinct than what you put, though.

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