Lots of profiles should use GConf?

GNOME Power Manager stores different profiles depending on the serial numbers of the batteries inserted into the laptop. This means we can profile separately, and still provide accurate times when the user only has the second battery inserted “some of the time“.

At the moment, I'm creating two 4Kb comma separated value files for each profile, one for discharge and one for charge, e.g. :

The filename thus becomes profile-3658Q-1234A-charging.csv if we have two batteries inserted.

So, quick question: Should I be using GConf for this? I was under the impression that creating gconf keys with no schema is frowned upon. Is it quicker or more efficient to use GConf over direct file access?

One response to “Lots of profiles should use GConf?”

  1. Anonymous

    IIRC, GConf isn't writable in some cases (e.g. certain network setups might have a read-only gconf dir), so I'm not sure that using GConf would be a good idea.

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