Copying code from Linux to OpenBSD

I've just seen this article. I have read the entire thread, and am really horrified with the response of a couple of OpenBSD developers, especially Theo de Raadt who seems very, well, I'll leave the the adjective up to you.

I would be really angry if somebody copied chunks of my GPL code and then re-licensed it without my name on it. I would say Michael Buesch took a very aggressive stance, but I think I would do exactly the same in that situation.

I really hope Theo de Raadt doesn't represent the majority of OpenBSD developers.

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One thought on “Copying code from Linux to OpenBSD”

  1. He represents OpenBSD, he is OpenBSD, so yeah, he does. Not all developers agree with him, but he does represent them as a group. What has horrified me from all that, beyond Michael and a few others being completes douches about this before even trying to be civil, was the idiocy presented from the Linux front. When someone says they choose the GPL so proprietary companies cannot benefit from it, then use Broadcom as an example for who they hope to spurn, when the driver is benefiting Broadcom, that is just stunningly dense. When people honestly believe that someone must dual licence their already BSD code, since they are retarded enough to not understand BSD can go into GPL, I lose any ounce of respect for anything they have to say on anything, I don't trust retards to think anything out properly. Yeah, the guy was dicking around, trying to see how parts of the code from the GPL driver work, and yes, he committed, it was a fuck up – but the absolutely shocking, gross over reaction is insane. When companies are violating the GPL, they get private mails first, often the copyright holders try to get the company to, “play nice,” these jackoffs jumped on an open source developer screwing up like this was the most vile of things imaginable. Skipping even benefit of the doubt, the went with attack, that that would be your reaction too only speaks volumes about you, and I assure you, they don't speak kindly.

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