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Working at Red Hat

About two years ago, I was at a conference with a load of GNOME people. I mentioned over drinks to two friendly Red Hat hackers, that I had an idea about a packaging framework. It was just an idea, as I was working for a large defence company, and had precious little time to maintain […]

PackageKit: Mobile Broadband Aware

PackageKit now knows the type of connection you are using, thanks to NetworkManager. Many thanks for Dan Williams for the pointers, and the guys in #gnome-hackers for the wording. Now you can be less scared using PackageKit and “automatically install” when occasionally using expensive GPRS on a laptop.

[CVE-2008-4311] DBus 1.2.6

Please don’t yet update DBus for CVE-2008-4311. It’s known to break PackageKit, cups, ConsoleKit, DeviceKit, DeviceKit-power, gdm, and system-config-services. There’s a partial bugfix that has been pushed so PackageKit tools still run (without the GetTid or SetLocale errors), but as introspection is still broken they’ll be odd little warnings and errors for other stuff. I […]

GStreamer vs. Windows Media Player

I’ve always been quietly impressed with GStreamer — in a world of multimedia where everything is so complicated, applications using GStreamer pretty much “just work” without any problems. This was until today. I subscribe to a Polish TV archive, that has archived versions of soaps my girlfriend enjoys (M jak miłość). Windows Media Player 11 […]

pkcon list-install foo.package-list

In newer versions of gnome-packagekit there’s a tool called gpk-service-pack: This tool I’ve explained in the past, and there is now lots of information and diagrams in the help file about how it all works and what the point of the tool is. Anyway, the point of this blog post isn’t to promote service packs; […]

gnome-power-manager and DeviceKit-power

DeviceKit-power is a system activated service I’ll be writing about in detail in a blog post in the near future. It’s a bit like HAL, but makes common API calls easy for applications (is battery power low?) and also moves the battery profiling down to the system layer from the session so it works for […]

QPackageKit into PackageKit

A C++ QT library for PackageKit has just been merged into PackageKit git master. It was written by Adrien Bustany, and it being used by KPackageKit. The QT library is being built with cmake, but the PackageKit project uses autotools. I want to keep the cmake bit in lib/libpackagekit-qt and just get automake to run […]

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