New PackageKit coolness

Here's some stuff that now works properly: Notice the new checkbox to cut the repo list down to a sane size? Notice the new 'All packages' group? Now we tell you if we add deps! In other, more interesting news, there's now a new library on the street, libpackagekit-gnome. This shared library will allow integration with GTK dialogs for the common prompts, gconf for licence preferences and hopefully gnome-keyring for the gpg auth stuff. It basically makes adding software in your GNOME application super trivial. More information and samples to come when I've got some gtk-doc documentation. Richard.

One response to “New PackageKit coolness”

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice work. :) One minor nitpick though, does dependency info really matter? How are they going to help the user to do the right thing – updating the software?. There should only be references to to names that are in front of the user somewhere else, like applications names. Maybe some understandable abstraction over core stuff. Further simplification would be a gnome update showing up as a single update ie “Gnome 2.22.1″. Instead of 20+ names that end up being 20+ choices to make. The problem isn't that bad in fedora as it is in debian :( (package splitting). PS: You only allow livejournal comments…. maybe it's only people with livejournal accounts, that are capable of relevant feedback – but i doubt it ;).

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