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In gpk-update-viewer, the user can select with checkboxes which updates should be applied. This is fine, until you want to uncheck or check them all at once, where for 300 updates, unclicking each box seems tiresome. Matthias suggested a checkbox in the treeview header (but can't remember where he had seen that) and I quite like a right-click context menu. The open bug is here. Ideas welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Hiding stuff like this in a context menu sounds perfect; these are really features that shouldn't have to be used in stable distros. So it's fine making it hard to find (not fine making it impossible as is right now). Ideally I think something a context menu popping up for a package like this is fine Check/Uncheck this update Ignore this update ————————— Uncheck all updates Check all updates – where “Check/Uncheck this update” depends on the state, e.g. you either see “Check this update” or “Uncheck this update”. – The “Ignore this update” will automatically uncheck the NVR now and in the future, e.g. if I choose it for foo-1.2.3.fc9 then foo-1.2.3.fc9 will always be unchecked even the next time I'm prompted for updates. Of course if foo-1.2.4.fc9 comes along I get to see foo-1.2.4.fc9 as an update. Then I need to do the same thing. – you'd also want a confirmation alert if the transaction pulls in unchecked updates due to deps; after all the user _actively_ made a decision to ignore some update.. would be bad form to ignore his decision – implementation wise I'd just stored the ignored NVR's on the client side; e.g. in the gnome tools. Probably a key/value file in $HOME is fine. – and with the “Ignore this update” feature you probably want a “Clear all ignored updates” button in the preference UI too. – with such a context menu you can even get rid of the check buttons; that functionality is in the context menu already. Which would be a big visual win as it's quite the eyesore with check buttons. But then you want another visual cue to indicate the update won't get applied. Maybe make it insensitive? Hope this helps.

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