4 responses to “KDE love!”

  1. Martin

    The KDE add/remove software screenshot reminded me of something I previously thought of when looking at the GNOME counterpart. Namely, it’s not IMHO immediately obvious how you add/remove an application…

  2. Simon

    These look very cool – it is nice to have system tools, especially those that sit in the system tray properly integrated with your desktop of choice (in my case that’s KDE). It’s great that packagekit allows different guis to be put together that can then be used across different distributions with different underlying package management systems.

    Also, I’ve been using the packagekit updater (gtk) in the fedora 9 prereleases and it sems very nice, already better than pup imho.

  3. Madcat

    thanks for the feedback, we could make the install button bigger, maybe of a different color. As for the process 1. Search 2. Install, we could maybe had a label… I’m open to any suggestion :-)

  4. Martin


    Ah, there’s an install button on the second screenshot. How come it’s not there on the first? ;) (Dynamicaly changing UI should be kept to a minimum.)

    And for the two GNOME screenshots at the top… how exactly do I install a package? Do I double click it?

    And for both the GNOME and KDE versions… the packages listed, are they installed or not? How do I tell?

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