BIOS Update for T61

If you are using a new T61 or T61p please check your bios version. You can do this using:

lshal | grep system.firmware.version

If you are not running 7LETB7WW, then you really need to update your BIOS to v2.17-1.08

Symptoms of an old BIOS version are hard hangs when docking/undocking from the smart dock, or the USB might mysteriously stop working with Disabling IRQ #19 in the logs.

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6 thoughts on “BIOS Update for T61”

  1. I think the USB issue was resolved with a previous BIOS upgrade (from December or so), but I’m glad to know there’s a new update. Here are the specific changes over the previous version:

    – System hangs while formatting CardBus ATA drive under Windows Vista
    64-bit SP1.
    – On NVIDIA model, screen resolution of a display attached analog
    interface is changed during undock/dock operation.
    Note that please use NVIDIA video driver version or later.

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