10 responses to “PackageKit support status”

  1. eco

    Minor pet peeve of mine: “OK” and “Cancel” do not mean “Yes” and “No”. When a dialog asks a question it should almost always give you “Yes” and “No” as options (with “Cancel” if aborting all action that would have happened is an option). Even better would be to use verbs (like “Install” “Skip” or something to that effect) and instead of asking a question, telling the user what installing the file means.

  2. Vladimir Mikhailichenko

    Can you tell me which theme you use? I really like your dark theme

  3. Vladimir Mikhailichenko

    Can you tell which theme you use? I really like your dark theme.

  4. Wouter

    That dialog in front is horrible. You are not going to install that file, you are going to install the program it contains. The dialog should show the program name and description and yes and no buttons.

  5. foo

    Cool, I hope it gets into Debian too instead of just Ubuntu.

  6. Herbert Kornfeld

    @Vladimir: it be da new Intreppid Ibeks teem. Da playaz at arse teknika be bitch-testin’ da mothafuka:


  7. Sven Arvidsson

    foo: It’s being packaged for Debian, so it’s probably just a question of time when it lands in the archives: http://bugs.debian.org/468132

  8. nubgzui

    You can open this file without install it, isn’t it? You can also open a letter of your grandma without to follow her instructions.

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