T61 hda_codec

If anyone is using the latest Fedora 9 kernel on a T61, and their audio device has disappeared, worry not. It’s a kernel regression and is fixed upstream, and should be fixed when we get the next kernel update out.

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2 thoughts on “T61 hda_codec”

  1. I’m going to have to say that this sort of thing is a major black-eye for Linux on the desktop. Why is there not a big room somewhere with a bunch of machines being unit-tested before each patch of a kernel or an applicable subsystem? I supposed that was the sort of thing Redhat was supposed to be doing to differentiate itself from Ubuntu, Mandrake, and the other less-well capitalized distros.


  2. Rob, this is the sort of testing we do on RHEL. Fedora just isn’t going to have the same level of regression testing as that. RHEL is rock stable, Fedora is more bleeding edge.

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