11 responses to “PackageKit Collections”

  1. Mats Taraldsvik

    That’s great!

    An additional use could be one link / .catalog file on a download page, instead of individual links to every distribution.

  2. oliver

    For APT, does this map directly to its “native” meta packages (like gnome-devel)?

  3. Dread Knight

    Looking sweet! Hope kde4 will have something similar using qt4…

  4. Bob

    Oh nice ! Could we make a catalog of audio codecs with this for example ?
    Is it similar to yum groupinstall ?

  5. Jack Tanner

    Very nice. Could collections be sorted first? So, collections (alphabetically) first, then individual packages (alphabetically) after that.

    Also, if you mark a collection to be installed, is it clear what packages will get pulled in with it?

  6. Andreas Nilsson

    Mike did a really nice job on the icons!
    Can’t say much about the actual software as I haven’t tried it yet, and yeah, you know me, all about the graphics anyway… ;)

  7. zerwas

    Hah, great!
    But in the screenshot one cannot see which packages will be installed with sound-and-video. Shouldn’t this information be given in the description of the collection?

  8. Kevin Kofler

    I’m afraid I think this is a very bad solution. Please read my post to the fedora-devel-list for what I don’t like about it:

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